November 22, 2018

300 Club updates its focus to reflect commitment to championing the asset owner

The 300 Club, a global group of leading investment professionals, originally established in 2011 to raise uncomfortable and fundamental questions about contemporary behaviours within the industry. Since its inception, the mission of the 300 Club has evolved to concentrate on the purpose of investing and asset management, which is the creation and protection of wealth for asset owners and their beneficiaries.  The new mission statement can be found on the 300 Club’s website, which has just relaunched.

Its dedication to asset owners comes with the warning of an impending pensions and savings crisis, caused by a general misalignment between the goals of managers themselves  and that of the investors they work on behalf of. This discrepancy combined with various other factors threatens to leave many beneficiaries in a state of retirement that is barely above the poverty line unless attitudes within the industry change.

Stefan Dunatov, Chairman of The 300 Club, commented: “Asset owners should be at the heart of everything that the investment industry does. Over the past seven years, our focus at The 300 Club has been to ask uncomfortable questions about behaviours within the industry, and our latest focus is to ensure that these questions promote the interest of asset owners themselves. Changing economic and geopolitical circumstances combined with the looming threat of a pensions and savings crisis mean that we, as an industry, cannot afford to ignore the demands of those who at the very centre of our business.”

To read the full mission statement and learn more about the 300 Club visit:

Note to Editors:

*The “300” refers to the legendary 300 Spartans who in 480 BC held off the vastly numerically superior invading Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae to give sufficient time for the remaining Greek forces to regroup. The story of the 300 has become a symbol of what can be achieved by a small band of high conviction individuals against overwhelming odds.